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Kitchen Exhaust System Cleaning

Why need us?

In Singapore, a handful of fire breakout in coffeeshops and restaurants are involved with kitchen exhaust system. Grease vapours travel into the hood, through the filters, and into duct work that leads to the exhaust fan and channel out of the building.

Grease is a fuel that can ignite, if sufficient, with a simple spark from the kitchen cooking line and spread throughout the exhaust system within seconds causing severe property damage and potential loss of life.

Kitchen Exhaust System cleaning and degreasing are essential in the prevention of kitchen grease fires and are usually required by insurance companies and governing authorities. We use environmentally friendly cleaning products and dedicated equipment with professional gears. We expertise in duct cleaning and specialize in completing the job on time and on target.

Benefits of regular maintenance of kitchen exhaust system

Fire safety

Preventing Leakage caused by duct corrosion


Healthier working environment

Longer kitchen exhaust lifespan

We offer regular interval cleaning of kitchen exhaust systems and will be happy to perform routine inspections of the system, after your initial cleaning, to determine the appropriate maintenance schedule of cleaning.

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Repair and Replacement of Kitchen Exhaust Fan Motors

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