Frequent Asked Questions By Clients

1. Is it mandatory to clean and maintain the interior of kitchen exhaust duct and hoods?

Yes, it is mandatory. As stipulated by SCDF circular rules under the Fire Safety Act. The cleaning and maintenance work must be done by a specialist and a record will be given to the owner for records keeping purpose and may be requested during yearly licensing inspection by NEA or SCDF check.

2. Will the cleaning process affect the stall operation hours?

No, it will not. Air Metrics have a dedicated team working on 24hours shifts, 7 days a week and will only do the cleaning & maintenance works after your operating hours or during your off peak hours. Do talk to us and we can work out the scheduled timings to better accommodate to your requests.

3. If a fire happens in my kitchen, will I be able to claim insurance if I fail to clean my kitchen exhaust duct?

At the point of signing an insurance contract, some insurance agencies may not ask for your kitchen exhaust duct maintenance records but owners are to follow the regulation to submit a copy of the kitchen exhaust duct maintenance records while filling the claim. In the event that a fire is caused by the kitchen ducts whereby it is not maintained as per the guidelines set out by the SCDF circular, the insurance contract may be void and the insured may not be able to claim..

4. What factors do we need to look out for when engaging a kitchen exhaust company/ specialist?

Non-professional specialist will end up making you spend more money and may not meet the requirement of SCDF Fire Safety Act.

Do consider the follow points before engaging a specialist.

a. Does the contract involved cleaning and servicing of the kitchen exhaust fan?
This is important as the exhaust fan is the heart of the whole kitchen exhaust system.

b. Will they provide photos of before and after servicing as this is a proof that they have done the necessary maintenance works.
We also urge you to take note of the stamp date and time.

c. Will they provide free grease tray in the event of heavy leakage that silicone and duct tape cannot solve?

5. Does your contractor open up your exhaust ducts and clean the interior of it?

There are occasions whereby non-experienced and irresponsible companies only clean the exterior of the exhaust to make a fast buck, ignoring the importance of having a clean and efficient exhaust system.

Why Air Metrics?

Here at Air Metrics Enviroment Pte Ltd, We do the necessary to ensure that all preventive works are done to the best we can following our step by step process manual.
Thus, minimizing any downtime that may occur in further..

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