Ozygreen Ozone Generator Air Cleaning System

What is Ozone?

Ozone is a molecule composed of 3 atoms of oxygen, 2 atoms of oxygen forms O2, the basic oxygen that we breathe in. Ozone is an unstable molecule, the 3 oxygen atom will detach from it and re-attach to molecules of the other substances, thereby altering their chemical composition.It’s a well-known powerful disinfectant as it will remove the odour from the kitchen exhaust system and reduces grease particles to water and dry minerals.

Top Few Benefits

Odour Reduction

All types of food preparation create odors and chemical vapors, and the particles that compro- mise these are not caught by conventional filters. With Ozygreen in place the residual odor that exits the exhaust duct can be significantly reduced under the condition that the airflow within the duct allows for at least 2 seconds reaction time before exiting the premises.

Grease Reduction

Ozygreen significantly reduces grease buildup in extract/exhaust ventilations channels. This is accomplished by the chemical reaction of ozone with grease and odor particles, effectively reduc- ing them to water and dry minerals which are expelled by the exhaust air stream.

No Static Loss

Unlike Electrostatic Air Cleaners & Carbon Filters, installing of Ozygreen does not affect static loss of the exhaust system hence avoiding the need of upsizing the exhaust fan which uses more electricity and sound volume gain.

Cost Saving

Ozygreen Ozone generator has no static loss which avoid the need of upsizing the exhaust fan, thus bills spent on the electricity will not increase. Furthermore, the frequency of the costly duct cleanings will also be reduced as ozone significant- ly reduces the amount of grease and oil mist within the exhaust ducts, thereby extending the life time of your exhaust system itself.

Fire safety and prevention of oil leakage between duct joints

Ozygreen significantly reduces the amount of grease and soot within extract/exhaust ducts. This not only reduces the fire risk, but also prevent the chance of grease leakage on the exhause dusts & fan.

How it works?

Ozygreen can be installed on the wall or on the kitchen exhaust duct with customized brackets where both the Ozone generator and kitchen exhaust duct will be connected through a flexible duct channel. Ozone generator will then generates Ozone and it will flow through the flexible duct channel and fuse with the cooking smoke in the exhaust ducts where oxidation takes place.

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