Shepherd Filters

Shepherd Filters

The disposable grease filters are simply installed upstream in front of restaurant metal grease filters and capture up to 98% of the grease particles before they enter the kitchen hood system!

Shepherd Filters capture up to 98% of the grease particles compared to regular metal baffle filters, which only capture about 18-20% of these same grease particles. The best thing? Store employees can replace the disposable kitchen grease filters when needed and dispose of the old filters in you regular rubbish. They are made from wool, which makes them not only fire retardant, but also completely biodegradable.

Benefits of Kitchen Grease Filters


Fire Protection

Shepherd Filters capture the grease before it enters the exhaust system reducing the grease build-up and risk of fires. Wool is a natural fire retardant material.
save money

Save Money

Airborne grease is prevented from entering the kitchen hood exhaust system and provides immediate savings by reducing labour costs associated with cleaning metal grease filters, therefore reducing the number of kitchen duct cleanings dramatically.

Water Saving

Reducing the current kitchen duct cleaning schedule, along with reduced grease hood cleanings, greatly reduces the amount of water and chemicals used to maintain a clean system.


Save energy with a cleaner kitchen exhaust system, rooftop fans, HVAC and other rooftop equipment results in more efficient operation of the equipment, not to mention less maintenance. Wool is a renewable material source.


Shepherd Filters are made from Australian Wool. The filter media is carbon-neutral and will breakdown in the landfill. In today’s world we all need to do our part to help the environment.
easy install

Easy Install

Shepherd Filters are simply installed upstream / in front of a grease kitchen filter that can be removed and disposed of in seconds.

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